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Boundary Productions and Boundary Media KG produce films of all kinds. A focus is layed on the production of documentary films concerning history and social science. TV-stations are able to get the films for air, but the main focus of distribution of the documentary films is on DVD, iTunes, iPad, smartphones. The DVD's, smartphones', iPad's contents of Boundary Media are unique, offering a multimedia experience!

DVDs available in English: at Northern Heritage Gifts
DVD "Roman frontiers - Hadrian's Wall / Antonine Wall"
DVD "Roman frontiers -
The Limes in Germany"
DVD "Roman frontiers - The Danube: Romes great river frontier"
DVD "Frontiers of the Roman Empire": www.romanfrontiers.org

If you have further questions, please contact:
Ms Sandra Walkshofer, 9531 Bleiberg-Kreuth 13, Austria
Tel.: +43-4244 / 27 193, E-Mail: sandra@boundary.de

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DVDs available also in English: Roman Frontiers series

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